By David “Doomsday Dave” Hines

Could the sun be responsible for our demise? Could a solar flare wipe out the grid, leaving us helpless? Check out the video below which offers up some good information.

I read this article by Robert Walker and in it he says that we have predicted that Nibiru will hit Earth. Well, I have not seen an article that say that. It seems to me he is just writing what he believes which is his right but please do some research first before spouting off and making yourself look like an idiot. I know I am being very critical but I do get upset when people write stuff without any facts as to why our planet and others are going through turmoil and everything else that is weird. Not all the pictures of Planet X or whatever it is out there are fake. Some people have captured some very compelling still shots and videos.

This article states the opposite of what Robert Walker published. The Russian Slooh astronomer, I think that he has more credibility than Walker in the previous paragraph. Giving credit to EyesOpen YouTube channel and special credit to JayWill7497 for writing a fantastic article, he does not pull any punches; way to go, mate. So I say if you want to be caught with your pants down, then listen to Robert Walker. I don’t even know if he has any credentials to support that drivel that he wrote.

I thought I would do a search of mainstream newspapers and TV, so I Googled it and to my surprise there was only one TV station (CNN – video) that actually believes there could be a brown dwarf lingering in our solar system. I Googled Fox, NBC and CBS and what I discovered is that they do not even want to mention Planet X or anything associated with it. I could not find any news mocking what we believe is forthcoming. I thought that I would find something that was broadcast stating that all us doomsday people are nuts, but nothing. I guess the gag order on this taboo subject is working.

I know that the Discovery Channel showed some interest in this subject and I was interviewed over the phone for more than an hour. The program they were going to air me on was a special on the American Heroes Channel but I think I was cancelled because I was not from the US, so you might want to watch for it coming up. If anyone can record it and send me copy, I sure would like to see it as we can’t get it here in Canada.



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