In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these geodesic domes are environmentally-friendly, less costly than traditional homes, and are nearly disaster proof!

There are a number of reasons one might desire to construct a geodesic home. In addition to being aesthetically appealing, the geometric structures are less expensive to build than traditional houses, are virtually disaster-proof, and are also energy efficient. In addition, a dome can be turned into an eco-living abode, a greenhouse, a recreational living space, or even an indoor pool.

If you’re seeking to someday build your own, look no further than what  Biodome Systems SRL has to offer. According to Inhabitat, the Romanian company sells 20 different models of geodesic homes and the sizes are customizable depending on the buyer’s needs.

In the following photos, a Pollux model (which is 16-feet in diameter and 8-feet tall) is depicted.

Credit: Biodomes Systems SRL

Remus Gall, the lead project manager at Biodomes says that the Omni triangulate surface is what allows each geodesic home to provide an inherently stable structure. Each dome comes with a metal frame, and stone walls insulate dwellers from the elements.

Credit: Biodomes Systems SRL

One of the greatest features is that the dome is resistant to many natural disasters.

The company explains that the domes have “a natural resistance to external factors like earthquakes up to 8.5 on the Richter scale, winds up to 320 km/h due to the aerodynamic shape and loads up to 20 tonnes per point of structure.”

As mentioned, the domes boast a number of environmental benefits. Says the company:

“The spherical design results in highly efficient and effective air circulation in both summer and winter.” 

A Geodesic dome might not be what’s typically found in a clean-cut suburban area, but it’s an intelligent abode option due to the fact that it has less surface area than a traditional house, therefore, is cheaper to heat and cool. According to the company, this is because the domes are “less susceptible to temperature changes.”

Credit: Biodomes Systems SRL

Credit: Biodomes Systems SRL

Furthermore, the domes are ideal for capturing sunlight since their design mirrors the star’s path; this  means natural lighting is easy to install. In the summer, magnetic shades reduce thermal loads.

Credit: Biodomes Systems SRL

For now, the company is restricted to selling the domes only in Europe. However, it still might be a good idea to contact Biodomes Systems SRL regardless and see how one might be attained elsewhere.


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