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SHTF In Movies: “Lost, Wrecked and Left Alone to Survive”

Many of them are pure survival films after being lost in the wilderness, others are prepper-minded but all are thought provoking and depict the kind of desperate scenarios that may well occur someday.
Obviously there are plenty of things in the average Hollywood flick that are ridiculous and far from accurate when it comes to real-life disaster scenarios.

Prepper Tips: How To Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight

There are endless places and ways to conceal, stash and hide your guns and other precious items.
Who knows when the time would actually come when some jack-booted thug would beat down your door and search for your constitutionally-mandated firearms – but with Obama’s gun control and many possible scenarios for martial law and a crackdown on patriots, it could really happen.

WARNING: The Summer of 2016 Has Begun With Volcanoes Going Ballistic

200 Years Ago We Had A Year Without A Summer – ‘Eighteen Hundred Froze To Death’ Was Due To A Massive Volcanic Eruption And Caused Global Famine In 1816 – Volcanoes Go Ballistic As 2016 Begins. The year of 1816 was known as the ‘Year Without A Summer’ after ‘severe climate abnormalities’ caused the average global temperature to plummet, resulting in major food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.

Pope Goes Full Doomsday: “For Those Who Celebrate Christmas… It May Be Their Last”

During Mass at Casa Santa Maria the Pope goes full doomsday then made a frightening prediction and one that would fulfill prophecy by suggesting that this year’s Christmas celebrations may be our last. Whatever your thoughts on prophecy or prediction, Pope Francis holds incredible influence over the some one billion Catholics worldwide.